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Classic Elegance Collection

Vanise Mid-Calf Blue

SIZE: SMALL 40-42 / 7,5-9
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Eco-Chic Elegance in Every Step.

Elevate your sock game with our ribbed Vanise Mid Calf Blue Dress Socks. Crafted from organic Nilo cotton with a touch of nylon for elasticity, these blue dress socks offer unmatched comfort and a perfect fit.

The ribbed design not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides a snug yet flexible fit, ensuring that these socks stay comfortably in place throughout the day. The mid-calf length strikes the perfect balance, allowing them to pair effortlessly with dress shoes or casual footwear.

Rediscover the joy of comfortable, sustainable, and stylish socks with Vanise.

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SIZE: SMALL 40-42 / 7,5-9

Product information

Care Instructions - Keep It Suave:
Caring for your Vanise Socks is as suave as wearing them. Here's the lowdown:

• Wash Warmly: Stick to a warm wash to keep your socks feeling fresh and cozy. No need to get wild with scalding hot water; a little warmth goes a long way.

• Handle with TLC: Treat your Vanise Socks like the luxury they are. Absolutely avoid the tumble dryer. Let them air dry for lasting softness and style.

• No Bleach Zone: Keep things pristine without the harsh stuff. Please steer clear of bleach when washing your socks. These socks prefer a bleach-free environment, just like your style.

• Iron-Free Elegance: Ironing? Not on the agenda for these socks. Embrace their natural elegance, and let them shine without the need for a hot iron. After all, isn't the effortless look what we're all about?
Now you're all set to maintain the suave charm of your Vanise Mid Calf Length Socks.

This product is certified:

  • Cotton For Life
  • GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard
  • Health And Textile Project
  • ZDHC - Zero Discharge of Hazardous
  • ChemicalsBCI - Better Cotton Initiative

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Eco-Friendly Luxury: We're proud to bring you these socks made from the finest organic Nilo cotton. What sets it apart? It's grown sustainably, without harmful pesticides, ensuring a gentler touch on your skin and the environment.

Unmatched Elasticity: To guarantee a snug yet breathable fit that lasts all day, we've introduced a hint of nylon for elasticity. These socks move with you, effortlessly adapting to your every move.

Blue Dress Socks FAQ

Blue dress socks are a versatile and stylish accessory that can be worn with a variety of different outfits, from business formal to casual. They come in a range of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect pair to complement your personal style!


Here are a few tips for wearing blue dress socks:

  • Pair them with a suit or dress pants. Blue dress socks can be worn with a variety of different outfits, but they are most commonly worn with suits or dress pants.

  • Make sure the socks are the right length. Dress socks should either be Mid-Calf or come up to just below the knee.

  • Choose a sock that complements your shoes. The color of your socks should not clash with the color of your shoes.

  • Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles. There are many different types of blue dress socks available, so you can find a style that you love.

For more styling tips read our Blue Dress Socks Guide


When choosing blue dress socks, consider the following factors:

  • Color: Choose a shade of blue that complements your outfit. Navy is a classic choice that goes with everything, while lighter shades of blue can add a pop of color.

  • Pattern: If you're wearing a patterned suit, choose solid-colored socks. If you're wearing a solid-colored suit, you can get away with patterned socks.

  • Material: Cotton is a good choice for dress socks because it is breathable and comfortable. That's why all Ethicrue socks are made of premium organic cotton.

  • Fit: Make sure your socks fit snugly but not too tightly. You should be able to move your toes freely without the socks bunching up.
What colors go well with blue dress socks?

Blue dress socks can be paired with a variety of colors, including navy, grey and brown. For a bolder and more fashion-forward look pair them with red or burgundy.

How can I style blue dress socks?

For a formal setting:

  • Pair navy blue socks with a navy suit or dark gray trousers. This is a classic and sophisticated look that is always appropriate for formal events.
  • Choose socks with a subtle pattern, such as stripes or dots, to add a touch of detail without being too flashy.
  • Make sure your socks are long enough to cover your ankles. This will help to elongate your legs and make you look taller and more polished.

For a business casual setting:

  • Pair navy blue socks with chinos or dark-wash jeans. This is a more relaxed option that is still appropriate for work or professional settings.
  • Experiment with different colors and patterns, such as burgundy, teal, or subtle plaids.
  • Choose socks that are mid-calf or over-the-calf length to keep your ankles warm and covered.

For a casual setting:

  • Pair navy blue socks with white sneakers or loafers. This is a great option for weekend outings or casual dinners.
  • Choose socks with bolder patterns, such as paisley or argyle.
  • Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns. This can add a touch of personality to your outfit.
Can I wear blue dress socks with a suit?

Yes, you can wear blue dress socks with a suit. Navy blue socks are a classic and sophisticated choice that can be paired with a variety of suits, including navy, charcoal, and black. You can also wear other shades of blue, such as light blue or royal blue, with your suit.

What suit color do you recommend with Vanise Blue dress socks?

The Vanise Mid-Calf Blue dress socks can be worn with a variety of suit colors, but some of the best pairings include:

  • Navy suit: This is a classic and versatile option that will never go out of style. The Vanise mid-calf blue socks will complement the navy suit perfectly and create a sophisticated and polished look.
  • Charcoal grey suit: Charcoal grey is another great option for pairing with navy blue socks. Charcoal grey is a more neutral color than navy blue, so it will provide a good contrast and add a touch of personality to your outfit.
  • Black suit: Black is a bolder choice, but it can also work well with navy blue socks.
  • Light grey suit: Light grey is a more casual option, but it can still be paired with navy blue socks.

More styling tips for Blue Dress Socks?

Read our comprehensive blue dress socks guide where we'll delve into the world of blue dress socks for men, exploring their versatility, style tips, materials, and more.

Blue Dress Socks for Men: A Fashion Essential

While the spotlight typically shines on suits, shoes, and ties, one underrated accessory that can elevate your look is the humble yet versatile blue dress sock.

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